Take A Marketer To Dinner Who Did $117,036.04 In The Month Of June -- The Month His Daughter Was Born...

Brought to you by Connie Ragen Green, on behalf of Jason Fladlien

If you could take an Internet marketer to dinner for just $19.95 - and pick his brains for about two hours on exactly how he did $117,036.04 that month... You would jump at that opportunity, wouldn't you?

Well for a limited time you can do pretty much that.

Proof Of A 6 Figure Month!

Jason Fladlien here.

I just finished up a whole audio series on all the contributing factors to what I call the "6 Figure Baby" month. Doing 6 figures in a month is quite an impressive feat on its own.

And I did this when? The month my baby was born. Bringing in exactly $1,560.80 on that day, while I was in the delivery room and hospital. That's even more impressive (passive income).

True Passive Income

Better still - Doing 6 figures in 30 days with only a tiny handful of joint venture partners... And...

No whiz bang massive launches!

Am I saying you're going to do the same the next month after you invest the $19.95 to get your hands on this 6 figure training today? Probably not.

Yet, just knowing the underlying principles of how it was all done... All the key ingredients involved... Makes the $19.95 investment today seem almost nothing compared to the value you get.

You'll get immediate ideas from these audios that you can put into action within moments of hearing them. In a flash you'll gain intuitive understanding of the "failure" patterns in your business... And in a cinch be able to turn those into automatic "success patterns".

You will begin to connect the dots about making money straight away as you see how simple it is... Once you know what to focus on. You will conquer tasks promptly that once challenged you. You will triumph where you once failed.

And if you act today, before the prices increases to $27.95... You can get this whole training for a real steal - Just $19.95.

Here's everything you get when you act today:

Module 1
Traffic With Free Reports

You'll discover...

  • How to outsource free report creation for $5 to $15 a pop (or for free in some cases).
  • How to create free reports in less than 20 minutes that you can distribute to certain social media sites that can bring in as much as 200 unique visitors within 20 minutes (no, it's not ezine articles).
  • The best way to Monetize your free reports (shockingly, it's this "soft sell" approach that works).
  • How to take advantage of the Amazon Kindle estore to upload tiny free reports that bring you traffic automatically.
  • How to give away your free reports through video sharing sites like Tube Mogul (Yes, you can give away free reports on video sites and get traffic... Sneaky, huh?).
  • How to make your reports rebrandable so you get hundreds of other people to give them away, making the traffic perpetual and truly hands off (one big secret to my 117k month).
  • How to get blockbuster report topics in seconds that you know your market is begging for (this is easier than falling off a log).
  • How to repurpose one report 8 different ways to get 8 times the traffic that even gurus are getting.
  • The 2 exact ways to use these reports to get the most blog visitors signing up to your email list.
  • How to get PAID by others to create these reports that you yourself can use and get traffic from (best secret of all for free reports).
  • And more!

Module 2
Creating & Selling
Standalone Products

You'll find out...

  • Why selling $7 products, $9.95 products & $12.95 products are a gold mine (hint: it has to do with guru product launches).
  • How I turned a $7 training program into a $495 coaching course that I've sold hundreds of times (it's proven to work because you follow demand).
  • How to structure your products in a way that the average customer makes 5 purchases or more from you within 90 days or less.
  • How to rework your best free reports info paid products (takes only a few hours and almost always brings in quick sales).
  • How to get others to create your products for you for free (a strategy that's worked on the net since 1994, yet few marketers use it).
  • The 32 minute sales letter method for low and mid ticket products (bang out a sales letter almost effortlessly, faster than you ever thought possible).
  • And more!

Module 3
Getting Affiliates To Promote
Your Free & Paid Products

You'll uncover...

  • How to get affiliates to promote free reports for you - even if you don't have a paid product yet.
  • The "dovetail" method for finding already successful affiliate websites and getting them to endorse your free and paid products for recurring promotional efforts.
  • How I got my banner ad on the Warrior Forum for free for over 2 weeks (results = thousands of buyers).
  • The best affiliate program for using 100% instant commissions to pay affiliates.
  • These two things: ________________ & _______________ won me hundreds of powerful, enthusiastic affiliates who promote almost anything I release...
  • How to turn a large percentage of your paying customers into your best affiliates... Even if they've never previously promoted anything in their life!
  • A fatal flaw most people make when managing affiliates that results in about 10% of the profit they COULD earn...
  • How we had a full time affiliate manager for $2.50 an hour recruit affiliates for us all day long (wow!).
  • And more!

Module 4
Making Money With Webinars

These secrets are revealed...

  • The exact webinar presentation you should use to promote affiliate products (means you can make money without even having your own product!).
  • The "webinar branding method" that allows me to earn thousands of dollars a day for several days AFTER I do a webinar... (I believe I'm one of only a handful of marketers who knows and uses this method).
  • The best webinar presentation scheme you should follow when promoting your own products
  • How to get paid to create webinars in advance - Then collect rabid testimonials during the webinars which you can then use to sell the recordings (We call this momentum marketing).
  • The "manual to automatic" soft sell close that almost anyone can use to close 15% to 25% of all attendees on a webinars... Often for $97 a pop or more!
  • How to do "rolling joint venture" webinar launches so you can enjoy big pay day surges each week (it's not 100% passive, but the money makes it worth it).
  • And more!

Module 5
Email Marketing: The Exact Broadcast
Emails I Sent Out During My 6 Figure Month


  • Why it only took 9 emails to my list in the month of June to contribute significantly to my 6 figure month!
  • The real way to communicate with your list so you don't sound like a dumb, slimy marketer.
  • Why I'm so mad at the current state of email marketing and the underlying philosophy behind my current email marketing success.
  • How I've had more than a thousand people on my list for over 2 and 1/2 years... And enjoy extremely high open rates and click through rates.
  • Why my boring, bland subject lines work better than the average marketers "big benefit, big benefit" headlines that you see shoved down your throat.
  • How to do email marketing in a way that doesn't make you feel dirty... (The honest and ethical approach is far more lucrative anyway).
  • $1 per email subscriber per month? Pfui!! - The strategies that allow me to get close to $18.27 PER SUBSCRIBER some months with email marketing.
  • And more!

Module 6
Mindset & Time Management
Factors For A 6 Figure Month


  • The "golden hour" time management philosophy that - if you follow it - guarantees every single day is productive and successful.
  • The mind block obstacle that prevents most people from doing even $10,000 a month, let alone over $100,000 (Fix it & attracting wealth becomes easier than ever).
  • How to manage your time if you haven't made much or any money online (This is critically different than if you're somewhat successful or wildly successful).
  • The incongruent mindset most struggling marketers have that practically forces them to take 1 step back for every 2 steps forward - and how to eliminate this demon once and for all.
  • How I get more done before 8 A.M. than most six figure a YEAR marketers get done all day (or even all week).
  • And more!

Module 7
Consulting, Coaching
& Product Launches


  • How I was the secret weapon behind three consecutive product launches in 3 months that did over six figures each (and how to get paid a lot of money for being hired to do product launches).
  • Why and how to include coaching and consulting in every piece of marketing communication you put out there (my rate is $250 an hour and I'm easily booked up).
  • How to get hired for big pay days to help other marketers with coaching, consulting and work product.
  • How NOT to advertise your coaching and consulting services (sadly this is how most marketers do it and it never works).
  • And more!

Only $19.95 For A Limited Time!

Yes. That's less than three dollars per audio. A deal no matter how you look at it. If you could take a "six figure in one month" marketer out to dinner... And only have to cover the meal tab... It'd cost you more than $19.95.

And if you were a sane, smart person you'd jump at the opportunity to do so, because you know the insights you'd get would be worth many times that $19.95 lunch.

Well this is better than that lunch... Because it's over 2 hours of training. It's recorded so you can listen to it over and over again. And you can steal the whole thing for just $19.95 as long as you act now! 

Plus, Backed By A 100% Guarantee!

Get the program immediately. Listen to JUST the first audio installment.

If you don't feel like you've already gotten double your money's worth, then contact me right away and I'll return every penny of your purchase quietly and promptly.

Better still - Take a full 30 days to listen to, absorb and put into action everything you discover from these 7 audio programs.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just contact me and I'll still give you back every penny of your investment today.

You only stand to gain when you act immediately and get this 6 figure training program for only $19.95.

Yes, I'm In!

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Brought to you by Connie Ragen Green, authorized by Jason Fladlien


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